I decided years ago that I wanted to own a business & use it to help others. Now that I am a 25 year old college graduate, with a degree in Marketing & Real Estate, that business looks like assisting other businesses! I use what I’ve learned in social media, branding, organization, web design, & statistics to encourage & advise small & new businesses.
Above what I know, I have constant love for Jesus Christ, a healthy fascination of Star Wars, obsession with coffee, & unending fondness for my family. I also have loads of dreams & an exceptional need to let others, including you, know they are loved & worthy of so much more than they think.
I currently lead worship at my church & work for the Georgia National Guard as Recruiting & Retention’s Marketing Support & Graphic Design.
Thank you for taking a pause in your life to be a part of mine.
I would be honored to received a message from you! Go to my “Contact” tab to let me know anything you may want to ask, express, or state. I really hope you do!