First, thank you for reaching out! I am looking forward to discussing options & assisting you best I can in setting up your very own website!


Today, the average cost for a website creation is between $1,800 – $3,000. Molly Vaughn Designs strives for you to attain your dream website, without breaking the bank. Here, the fee for set-up, creation, design, & content meetings in total is $500.

Following creation, there are monthly maintenance needs for a website to stay safe & sharp. A $24 a month fee for weekly content, update, & security checks will be sent out. This covers the designing of the following:

  • Establishing an SSL Certificate (this certifies your website as safe & searchable within search engines)
  • Branded Email Matching Your Website That Sends/Receives To Your Current Personal Email
  • Responsive Design Compatible with Smart Phones/Tablets
  • Quarterly Follow-Ups to Discuss Any Changes
  • FREE Theme/Layout Design (I currently use a FREE theme for my personal website)

Additional Fees Not Covered in Start-Up or Monthly Maintenance:

  • Domain(s) Purchase (Varies)
    example:, .net, .org, etc.
  • Upgraded Theme/Layout Design (Varies)
  • Logo/Graphic Creation (Varies)
  • Social Media Platform Creation & Monitoring (Varies)


When establishing a website, I strive to keep my time under two-weeks maximum for you to proceed with your business quickly! It is important to keep in mind that there are technical difficulties from time to time that can delay any time frame. Also, if further adjustments, at your request, need to be made, that is not a problem & does not require an additional fee.


EMAIL: I always reccomend everyone with a website get a branded email. They are too easy & make you look together, current, & high profile. Typically, a branded email will be an additional cost.
Again, my goal is to make this dream as achievable as possible for you. I utilize a system, that once you have chosen me to create your webpage, is FREE to you! It takes a branded email with a forwarding capability directly to your current personal email account.
(I only use Gmail to access my emails! Keep it easy.)

THEME: Like email, themes and designs and layouts can cost additional money. However, I try to stay within a FREE theme in order for your load to be less to pay! If there is a theme you have fallen in love with, no matter the cost, it is always possible to use it!

SOCIAL MEDIA: *repeat myself here: If you do decide to move forward with me as your web creator, I offer FREE logo creation & social media page set-up in the $500 price!

First Steps:

I have created a form with a few questions just for you! That way, I can get as much information from you as possible without taking up so much of your time. If you decide to go forward with me, we will move forward with speaking personally & finalizing your next steps! Then, invoices & confidentiality forms will be sent in get things started & preserve any information you share with me.

I have attached the link to the form below. There, you can specify what look, layout, & additional products you are looking for!

Your Website Design Information Form

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I look forward to hearing from you & (hopefully) working together to build the online platform you envision.