Below is more information concerning layout definitions with each style having a link connecting to a site with that design
    *not all of the websites listed were created by Molly Vaughn Designs

    Single Page:
    A "Single Page" layout is one where there is a welcoming/introductory "home" screen & additional content is utilized through "pages" within a menu
    EXAMPLE: Work for Warriors Georgia

    A "Static" page is one that is more currently used. It has an introductory "home" screen like a "Single Page" layout. However, the additional content created can be found by continuously scrolling down. The same procedure of a menu can be put in place or not.
    EXAMPLE: Molly Vaughn Designs

    A "Blog" layout is like a "Static" layout, whereas you can continuously scroll down for information. However, the information seen upon opening the website is not a “home” screen, but your most recent post, blog, or article.
    *this option is most beneficial to bloggers, photographers, product reviewers, or video creators
    EXAMPLE: The Small Things Blog

    You can utilize any preferred design option from above, but require product listings, a cart, secure checkout abilities, & accepting payments.
    EXAMPLE: The Soul Scripts