1. wake-up late, get allergy attack
  2. computer crashes
    – Stress
  3. rush to worship practice, be later than you need
  4. sing nasal and flat
    – Stress
  5. rearrange stage
  6. broken output boxes & system kinks
    – Stress
  7. Doubt self, be confused, frazzled
  8. Sweat
    – Stress

All before 11:30AM…& check.

There are days you need it to go great. You need it to be punctual, undistracted, flawless, easy. You need that so confidence in whatever you’re doing is reinstated. So, simply, you feel flippin flap jack awesome at what you’re trying to accomplish &…that ALWAYS happens when you need it most (insert sarcasm here). Today was that day.

God calls the unqualified to do the outstanding. David, Mary, Esther, Joseph, Paul, & Noah (not that Russell Crowe Noah, real Noah). Great examples! God did amazing, mind blowing things through them. However, they all were, most likely, totes not the person they wanted to be for what God had planned for them. They probs, just guessin, weren’t where they wanted to be when God said ” Yo, child o mine. You’re gonna need to get over yourself & do what I need you to do.” And they did.

  • Fact: the Bible is true
  • Fact: God is the same yesterday, today, & forever
  • Fact: God can make beauty out of anything
  • Why?: is it so hard to think we might be called to do the outstanding

Why do we let stress & doubt & bleh hold us back from what God has planned for our lives? I’m tired of it. I’m actually, physically exhausted. God didn’t create me to be scared. My God in Heaven did not send His one & only Son to die for me so I can do things half way just cause I don’t wanna screw up or fail. Now no, I’m not freeing slaves, building an ark to save human kind, or carrying the Savior of the world. I only lead worship for 200 people once a week. But that’s where God has me. That’s how He is working through me to reach someone (whoever the blessed name of the Lord they be).

I’m not that great of a singer, I get tongue tied when talking to the congregation, the mic kinda freaks me out, completely baffled on how to ask the drummer to play what I’m thinking. There are way more qualified people to do this jazz! None of this is said for flattery or compliments. It’s the truth. But this is God saying “Hey kid, I need you to get over yourself & stop being so iffy about what you’re doing. It’s what I need you to do.”

I’m in my church right now moving things & cleaning things, listening to Rend Collective & waiting for coffee to brew. Even though I was so stressed this morning I could have cried, all I’m thinkin is how grateful I am. For where I am right now & the people in my life to help me do what God has planned. Nobody is ever the person they wanna be, when they need to be. Oh well. That’s what makes it such a cool story. Psh, David wouldn’t have been near as spiffy a King if he hadn’t been a short, skinny teenager, pansy lookin harp player that killed a lion with his bare hands before slaying a Giant.

We are bananas, crazy cool cause God created us to do bananas, crazy awesome things. Whether it’s stepping up, reaching out, fighting, defending, loving, sacrificing, leaving. It’s what God has called us to do.
There it is. My Saturday in a 624 word count.

“And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified”
– Romans 8:30

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