1: Taco Bell is a staple food group.

  • In your car after 10 o’clock is the best way to eat it.

2: Being called someone’s “best friend” doesn’t mean they will always be your friend.

  • If you’re lucky, you always have the friends you made when you were younger. If not, then you have sweet pictures and memories to remind you of them.

3: It will be ok.

  • Whatever is going on or happening in life, it will be alright. Maybe not right now, but it will.

4: “Curvy” is code for plus size.

  • Round of applause for the ever so subtle label.

5: You will resent EVERY picture taken of yourself, at least, from 12-15 years old.

  • They all seem to find their way onto your Facebook. Being tagged is a burden, not a compliment.

6: Mom & dad are right. About everything.

  • Every bit of advice or late night talks, they were right about everything they told you would happen (don’t tell them that though).

7: You wish you had spent more time praying and reading the bible.

  • Self explanatory.

8: The amount of Facebook friends or Instagram likes don’t mean a crap.

  • I wish I had put more stock in things way more important.

9: Coffee is to life, as air is to breathing.

  • I could write more about how crucial coffee is, but that SAT form of coffee’s significance is sufficient.

10: You never regret helping someone in need, but you regret walking away from them.

  • I remember what their face looked like as I walked by.

11: Sometimes, crying does in fact make it better.

  • They always tell you it doesn’t do any good, but a cry every now and then is healthy for your insides.

12: Shirley Temples tastes better than alcohol.

  • Really anything does. Don’t need to get wasted to figure that out.

13: Happiness is a choice, not a mood.

  • You choose how you feel & react in every circumstance.

14: Your family are the only people that will always be there for you.

  • You think it might be those friends you made when you were 12. It’s not.

15: Reading a book is good for your soul.

  • Netflix is great, but reading words on a page and creating pictures in your mind is adventurous.

16: You can never have too many pairs of underwear.

  • For real though yo (fist bump).

17: Being a grown up is nothing like what you thought it would be.

  • It isn’t just staying up as late as you want and driving wherever you want. No ma’am & no sir.

18: Relationships don’t complete you as a person.

  • The Nicholas Sparks & weird vampire romance Novels trick you. Being single makes you strong, not lonely.

19: It’s best to take responsibility for your mistakes.

  • Let’s say that again for good measure: It’s best to take responsibility for your mistakes.

20: God always, unconditionally, continuously, undeservingly loves you.

  • I don’t think I fully grasp this one, but I remind myself everyday.

21: Time moves by way too fast.

  • & it never stops.

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